Work permit to the citizen to the Highly skilled Expert (VKS) it is made out without receiving quotas of the organization, term of permission and a working visa of 3 years!

Cost of service will make:
32 000 rub/persons at paperwork on your organization
37 000 rub/persons at paperwork from our company

List of necessary documents:
1. Passport copy + notarial  transfer
2. Diploma copy + notarial transfer
3. Photo of 3*4 color, opaque, 2 pieces.
4. INN certificate (company of the employer)
5. Certificate of PSRN (company of the employer)
6. Firm requisites (the company of the employer)

The work permit to the citizen of the CIS is possible for issuing in the following cases:
1. The company – the employer has a quota of attraction of IRS;
2. A position of the foreign citizen - out of a quota for the current year.

Cost of service will make 615 dollars/persons
Term of registration of 3-4 weeks.
Are included in cost: state duty at a rate of 65 dollars, medical certificate and notarized translation of documents!

List of necessary documents:
1. Passports (a notarized copy)
2. The migration card with a mark, isn't more senior than the 3rd months from the date of entrance (original + copy)
3. The migratory notice of arrival, isn't more senior than the 3rd months (copy)
4. The document on education (a notarized copy with transfer)
5. Certificate of an INN of the company (a notarized copy)
6. Photo 3*4, matte, colored 2 pc.

The work permit to the citizen of the CIS on a quota

If registration of permission to a quota position is planned, but the company employer has no quota, we can suggest to render necessary services in work permit registration.

Cost of a package makes 765 dollars /persons Moscow, 785 dollars /persons of MO.
Term of registration of 3-4 weeks.

The following services are included:
- registration the work permit on the company which has a quota for the current year, for a period of 1 year
- renewal of the received permission to the company employer
- FMS Russian Federation notice on behalf of the Company of the client about attraction of IRS
- payment of state duty of 65 dollars.
- medical certificate
- notarize translations of documents

List of necessary documents:
1. Photo (3*4) color, matte 2 pieces
2. Passport original
3. Original + copy of the migration card
4. Copy of the migratory account

Compulsory notifying procedures:
After obtaining the work permit and involvement of the citizen of the CIS the company employer is obliged to notify state authorities on involvement of the foreign citizen for work:
- During the 3rd slave to days from the date of signing of the labor agreement to notify territorial FMS
- During the 7th slave to days to notify territorial FNS
- During the 3rd slave to days from the date of signing of the labor agreement to notify the territorial Center of employment of the population

Cost of the notification of instances will be made by the 100 dollars / instance / 1 person.

Stages of registration of work permits for foreign countries in 2012:

1. Receiving quota.
2. Registration of permission to attraction of foreign labor for the organization.
3. Registration of the work permit (plastic card)
4. Organization statement on the account in UFMS and obtaining the registration form
5. Invitation to entrance.
6. Appeal of the foreign citizen to consulate of the Russian Federation abroad and receipt of a visa.
7. Entrance of the foreign citizen.
8. Statement on the migratory accounting of the foreign citizen.
9. Visa extension.
10. Notices of employment of foreign citizens.

Today foreign workers in Russia are in great demand. Many Russian organizations, despite that that process of registration of the work permit is rather difficult, actively employ foreign citizens. Someone saves on foreign labor, someone on the contrary, involves skilled foreign experts. But all companies understand need of legalization of foreign workers and use of their work. Therefore, all companies which are carrying out honest, legal business, and counting on long-term existence of the company in the market, pass process of receiving permissions to attraction of foreign labor and work permit registration to foreign citizens.

We insistently advise to pay your attention to timeliness and correctness of registration of foreign workers in your company as administrative responsibility in the sphere of violation of the migratory legislation provides penalties to 800 thousand rubles for each foreign worker!

At registration to the staff of the foreign worker, and work permit registration, it is necessary it will be convinced of legality of its stay in the territory of the Russian Federation. Process of acceptance of the foreign worker to the state of your company very much not simple and not so fast. You will need time and forces, and as knowledge of all legal subtleties of this process.

We suggest you to protect ourselves and your employees from problems, to save time and to use services of our company. The company will help qualified at all stages of legalization of foreign workers: from receiving quotas before issue of the work permit (plastic card). Our company provides the help in registration of the work permit both for citizens of the neighboring countries (CIS), and for foreign countries.


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