We offer you accommodation in Moscow. You can reserve hotels, located anywhere in moscow, our hotel list includes all of the famous 5 star , 4 star & 3 star . . Other Moscow hotels provide their own advantages. And you can find more information about them on our website. you may go through our entire list of hotels and select anyone based upon your wish and expectations and we would be verymuch pleased to hear and book for you the same .

Aeropolis Hotel
Starting at USD 196.00/night
Address: 37/5, Leningradsky Prospekt, Moscow, 125167, Russia
Nearest metro: Aeroport

Akademicheskaya Hotel
Starting at USD 40.00 .00/night
Address:1, Donskaya Ulitsa, Moscow, 117049, Russia
Nearest metro: Oktyabrskaya

AST Hof Hotel
Starting at USD 189.00/night
Address: 25, Bolshaya Filevskaya, Moscow, 121309, Russia
Nearest metro: Bagrationovskaya

Belgrade Hotel
Starting at USD 78.00/night
Address:8, Smolenskaya Ulitsa, Moscow, 121099, Russia
Nearest metro: Smolenskaya

Budapest Hotel
Starting at USD 141.00/night
Address: 2/18, Petrovskie Linii, Moscow, 127501, Russia
Nearest metro: Teatralnaya

Cosmos Hotel
Starting at 126.00/night
Address: 150, Prospekt Mira, Moscow, 129366, Russia
Nearest metro: VDNH

Izmailovo Beta Hotel
Starting at ( Price on Request )
Address: 71/2B, Izmailovskoe Shosse, Moscow, 105613, Russia
Nearest metro: Partizanskaya

Maxima Irbis Hotel
Starting at USD 128.00/night
Address: 1, Ulitsa Gostinichnaya, Moscow, 127106, Russia
Nearest metro: Petrovsko-Razumovskaya

Maxima Slavia Hotel
Starting at USD 114.00/night
Address: 44, Yaroslavskoe Shosse, Moscow, 129337, Russia
Nearest metro: Babushkinskaya , Sviblovo

Okhotnik Hotel
Starting at USD 119.00/night
Address: 1, Golovinskoye Shosse, Moscow, 125212, Russia
Nearest metro: Vodny stadion

Ozerkovskaya Hotel
Starting at ( Price on request )
Address: 50, Ozerkovskaya Naberezhnaya, Moscow, 113054, Russia
Nearest metro: Paveletskaya

Peking Hotel
Starting at USD 145.00/night
Address: 5, Ulitsa Bolshaya Sadovaya, Moscow, 123001, Russia
Nearest metro: Mayakovskaya

Planernoe Hotel
Starting at USD 113.00/night
Address: Novogorsk Microregion, Khimki, 141400 Russia
Nearest metro: Planernaya

Sheremetyevo-2 Hotel
Starting at USD 146.00/night
Address: Vladenie 1, Mezhdunarodnoye Shosse, Sheremetyevo-2, Khimki Area, Moscow Region
Nearest metro: Rechnoy vokzal

Sputnik Hotel
Starting at USD 115.00/night
Address: 38, Leninskiy Prospekt, Moscow, 119334, Russia
Nearest metro: Leninsky prospekt
Volga Hotel
Starting at USD 209.00/night
Address: 2, Dokuchaev Pereulok, Moscow, 107078, Russia
Nearest metro: Suharevskaya

Aerostar Hotel
Starting at USD 160.00/night
Address: 37/9, Leningradsky Prospekt, Moscow, 125167, Russia
Nearest metro: Dinamo

Akvarel Hotel
Starting at USD 359.00/night
Address: 12/3, Stoleshnikov Pereulok, Moscow, 125047, Russia
Nearest metro: Pushkinskaya

Arbat Hotel
Starting at USD 359.00/night
Address: 12, Plotnikov Pereulok, Moscow, 121002, Russia
Nearest metro:Smolenskaya

Art Hotel
Starting at USD 212.00/night
Address:2, 3rd Peschanaya Ulitsa, Moscow, 125252, Russia
Nearest metro: Aeroport, Sokol

Borodino Hotel
Starting at USD 102.00/night
Address: 13/2, Rusakovskaya Ulitsa, Moscow, 107140, Russia
Nearest metro: Krasnoselskaya, Sokolniki

Golden Apple Hotel
Starting at USD 298.00/night
Address: 11, Malaya Dmitrovka Ulitsa, Moscow, 127006, Russia
Nearest metro: Belorusskaya, Pushkinskaya

Historical Hotel Sovietsky>
Starting at USD 158.00/night
Address: 32/2, Leningradskii Prospekt, Moscow, 125040, Russia
Nearest metro: Belorusskaya, Dinamo

Holiday Inn Moscow Lesnaya Hotel
Starting at USD 203.00/night
Address: 15, Lesnaya Ulitsa, Moscow, 125047, Russia
Nearest metro: Belorusskaya

Holiday Inn Moscow Vinogradovo Hotel
Starting at USD 171.00/night
Address: 171, Dmitrovskoe Shosse, Moscow, 127204, Russia
Nearest metro: Altufyevo

Iris Congress Hotel
Starting at USD 183.00/night
Address: 10, Korovinskoye Shosse, Moscow, 127486, Russia
Nearest metro: Petrovsko-Razumovskaya

Katerina City Hotel
USD 179.00/night
Address: 6/1, Shlyuzovaya Naberezhnaya, Moscow, 113114, Russia
Nearest metro: Paveletskaya

Kebur Palace Hotel
Starting at USD 373.00/night
Address:32, Ulitsa Ostozhenka, Moscow, 119034, Russia
Nearest metro: Park Kultury


Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel

Starting at USD 459.00/night
Address: 4, Neglinnaya Street, Moscow, 109012, Russia
Nearest metro: Kuznetsky most, Lubyanka, Teatralnaya


Baltschug Kempinski Hotel

Starting at USD 310.00/night
Address: 1, Ulitsa Baltschug, Moscow, 113035,   Russia
Nearest metro: Kuznetsky most, Lubyanka, Teatralnaya


Crowne Plaza Moscow World Trade Centre Hotel

Starting at USD 189.00/night
Address: 12, Krasnopresnenskaya Naberezhnaya, Moscow, 123610, Russia Nearest metro: Ulitsa 1905 goda


Golden Ring Hotel

Starting at USD 243.00/night
Address: 5, Smolenskaya Ulitsa, Moscow, 119121, Russia
Nearest metro: Smolenskaya



Marriott Grand Hotel
Starting at USD 429.46/night
Address: 26/1, Tverskaya Ulitsa, Moscow, 103050, Russia
Nearest metro: Mayakovskaya


Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel
Starting at ( Price on request )
Address: 11/20, Ulitsa Petrovka, Moscow, 103031, Russia
Nearest metro: Ohotny Ryad, Teatralnaya

Metropol Hotel
Starting at USD 287.00/night
Address: 1/4, Teatralny Proezd, Moscow, 103012, Russia
Nearest metro: Lubyanka, Ohotny Ryad

National Hotel
Starting at USD 245.00/night
Address: 15/1, Mokhovaya Ulitsa, Moscow, 103009, Russia
Nearest metro: Ohotny Ryad, Teatralnaya


President Hotel
Starting at USD 284.00/night
Address: 24, Ulitsa Bolshaya Yakimanka, Moscow, 103134, Russia
Nearest metro: Oktyabrskaya, Polyanka

Radisson SAS Slavyanskaya Hotel
Starting at USD 235.00/night
Address: 2, Ploschad Evropy, Moscow, 121059, Russia
Nearest metro: Kievskaya

Renaissance Moscow Hotel
Starting at ( Price on request )
Address: 18/1, Olimpiysky Prospekt, Moscow, 129110, Russia
Nearest metro: Prospekt Mira

Ritz Carlton Hotel
Starting at USD 373.00/night
Address: 3, Ulitsa Tverskaya, Moscow, 125009, Russia
Nearest metro: Ohotny Ryad, Ploschad Revolyutsii, Teatralnaya


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